High School

Request to Capture Your High School Moments

Whether you or your high school-er is on a team, in a play or in a club, you want to capture those moments forever with photography. STLDIGITAL will capture those moments. Simply make a request by phone or email and a $50 deposit and a STLDIGITAL photographer will be there.

Once photographed, you will be able to view and buy your photos. Choose from our large variety of products like custom Extreme Posters, Wall Starz, Blankets, or order your favorite portrait sizes for your office, home and room.

Senior Photos

They don’t just have to be of you posing in front of the camera. When STLDIGITAL does your Senior Photos, we will come to your game, play or event and photograph you in action. You will get both action photos and portraits for your Senior Photos. Contact us as soon as possible at the beginning of your Senior year to sign up for photos. We want to be YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER.